Audition Thoughts... and great news!

Last Wednesday I had an audition for a short film called One Night More, and I thought it went pretty well. I went in, presented the short side that they had provided in the way that I had prepared, they asked for a departure from that, I did the scene again with very noticeable difference (even if I wasn’t as happy with it as I was the prepared take, at least I had shown different choices) and that was it. That’s all it ever is.  

In fact, that was more than you get in a lot of auditions. And it makes you really think, what industry have I really signed up for? When you are removed from the nitty gritty of the acting industry, all you think is “If you’re a good actor, you will get good part, right?” Wrong. So wrong. Just getting into that room is one of the biggest hurdles you have to get over, and it sometimes becomes a game of who has that casting director met before. When you are without formal representation, this process can be made infinitesimally more difficult. Getting that call in to an audition for a short with no funding almost didn’t seem to matter, because I HAD GOTTEN CALLED IN!  

In the end, I was not right for the part they had called me in for, but because I went in, did the best I could, and prepared the same way I would for a lead in a feature length across form George Clooney, they decided they would still like to work with me, and asked if I would be interested in a much smaller role in the film. I am very pleased to announce that I have accepted the role and am very excited to be working with Louis Holder Films on this project.


More updates to come as production commences. 

Exciting Announcement!

Hi all,

I am very pleased to be able to announce, that this fall I will be beginning an Foundation in Acting course at ALRA (the Academy of Live & Recorded Arts) in London. I am really thrilled to have this opportunity to continue my education in a new country with very different customs. I am very keen to get back to the basics of acting and rediscover myself as an actor. This will, in turn, help me prepare for a new round of auditions in the upcoming winter and spring to try to get one of the coveted spaces in a masters course.

I have to thank the amazing and inspiring Adrian Hall for giving me the encouragement to accept my place in the course, and dive head first back into my formal acting education.

Can't wait to get started on this chapter of my career!

Website master

Last night I got to attend a great workshop with web developer and creator of Tim McDonald on "The Actor's Website." He is a web developer that has worked with tons of high exposure companies, but as an actor himself realised how hard it is with the options that were available to make a workable and customisable (and most importantly AFFORDABLE) website tailored to the needs of actors. 

It was really great to sit down and have a very basic level chat about what really should and should not be on our websites as actors, and how can we use this great tool to our advantage.   

Now all I have to do is make this site dynamite! Big thanks to The Actors Guild GB for facilitating last night's workshop!